About Us

40+ Years of experience helping michigan clients to enjoy their retirement without worry.™

Executive Team

Cyril Hudechek

CEO, Founder

Cyril has over 40 years of experience helping Michigan, Florida and California-based clients enjoy their retirement without worry. He founded Financial Safety Specialists, Inc. to provide people with the knowledge, tools and products to be able to successfully navigate their retirement and achieve peace of mind. Cyril leads a small team of Safe Money Retirement Specialists who help clients to maximize their profits in pre- and post-retirement years, minimize taxation, protect assets and live comfortably throughout their retirement.

Heather Sabitov

Vice President

Heather has over 10 years of financial services experience and started as a Safe Money Retirement Specialist and is currently licensed in Michigan and California. As VP of Financial Safety Specialists, she focuses mainly on agency leadership, client care and marketing.

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