Free Safe Money Retirement Roadmap™

A Visual presentation To help you better plan for a successful retirement.

The Safe Money Retirement Roadmap

How the roadmap can help you to
Enjoy your retirement without worry.™

Retirement Readiness

Considering your assets, expenses, income and goals, you will discover your "score" (0 to 100) of how ready you are for retirement, given your specified goals.

Taxes, Goals & More

See "visually" where you stand against your retirement goals, year by year (reaching, exceeding or not meeting goals) as well as how to potentially minimize taxation.

How to Achieve Goals

Discover several options on how to achieve your specific retirement goals, including how to achieve your monthly lifetime income goal, in an easy to understand visual format

Cyril Hudechek- Founder of Financial Safety Specialists, Inc.

With over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry, Cyril has helped hundreds of clients across Michigan to earn profit from the stock market without market losses. He founded Financial Safety Specialists to provide individuals with the knowledge, tools and products to be able to successfully navigate their retirement and achieve peace of mind. Cyril leads a small team of Safe Money Retirement Specialists™ who help clients to maximize profit in their pre- and post-retirement years, minimize taxes, protect assets and enjoy their retirement without worry.